50 Shades of Sand

“From an endless beach of reality, we take a grain of sand and call it the world.” If the grain of sand is what we know and the beach what there is still to discover and explore, can you imagine the vastness of beauty and wonders still awaiting to be seen out there? We think…


Eco-romance: 9 places to reconnect with nature and each other!

Is Eco-romance just a buzzword? Is it really possible for romance and environmental awareness to coexist? The answer is, yes! We are going to take you on a journey through some amazing natural, design and traditional beauty to demonstrate that romantic, cozy and eco-friendly places not only can coexist, but can also embody the very…



“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit” As we flock to live in urban areas, nearly 70% by 2050, we are still irresistibly attracted to wilderness. It is so deeply rooted in us that we seek ways to return to it and discover and rediscover Nature’s uniqueness. It is also…


Urban Oasis: how they impact our lives and travels?

54% of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050 this will raise to nearly 70%. The top travel destination cities received nearly half a billion visitors each year and terms as urban tourism and over-tourisms have become increasingly popular to describe a symptom of modern consumer-based society. While it is fun to walk down…


9 Invisible Cities: can we still see them?

Rome is packed with cultural and historical sights. It became extremely popular following the publication of Don Brown’s Angels and Demons disclosing some of its “invisible” sights. Fortunately, the city is full of hidden treasure so ditch the map and let your senses guide you. Rio De Janeiro It is set in a breathtaking natural environment.…


Invisible Cities: can we still see them?

And how can we have a positive impact when we travel to over-crowded cities? For centuries cities have been glorified and mystified in books from Carlos Ruiz Zafón Barcelona and Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul, Amitav Ghosh’s Mandalay and Singapore, Shakespeare’s Venice and Salman Rushdie’s Florence. The masterpiece of them all being Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. We…



When you travel do you feel a small nudge that you should to do something about your CO2 emissions?
Are you completely confused by the millions of climate change statements?

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