about us

what is +impactTravel?

We aim to make travel more ethical, respectful and sustainable.
We are not a travel agent, an event or booking company we are an independent organisation and a social enterprise that develops and promotes best practices, principles and standards for responsible and sustainable travel: positive travel impact.
Our profits go to the Global Forest Fund and other  relevant causes for forest conservation, reforestation and associated community projects.

why impact travel?


Terms such as eco-tourism, ethical, responsible and sustainable travels are used loosely to describe different aspect of the same thing: the impact our travels have on economies, society and the environment. This is why we have decided to use a concept that unites all of the above: IMPACT TRAVEL.

+Impact Travel helps protect destinations and enhances travelers’ experiences and awareness  by working with travel professionals and companies to adopt and reinforce best practices that have positive travel impact on the environment and society.

how does it work?

+impactTravel provides tips and principles to enable travelers’, +guests, who want to have a positive travel impact. This helps them take informed decisions and choices of responsible and sustainable destinations, activities and behaviours.


+impactTravel develops and promotes universal positive impact travel principles, +principles, and standard for travel, companies, +hosts, to demonstrate their responsible and sustainable travel credentials.


travel companies guidelines

+hosts: travel companies

adopt and implement the +principles and standards and use the +impactTravel label to demonstrate their responsible and sustainable travel credentials.


+guests: travellers

take informed decisions on the sustainability of travel destination and places and rate travel comapnies according to the +principles

rewards travel companies

+hosts: travel companies

are awarded certificates of excellence and prizes by category on an annual basis


Travel destinations

feature in publications and on social media to identify impact, progress and trends in responsible and sustainable travel: positive impact travel.