sWinter is the idea season to explore and connect with nature. Whether it is a romantic getaway or a family adventure, there are plenty of cosy experiences to look forward to.

3 cozy experience for you to fall in love with winter wonderland 

Here is a selection of 3 cozy places that will make your love winter wonderland. They have embraced the +principles, in one way or another, and are dedicated to have a positive impact on the PLANET and PEOPLz


Take a pick!

Whitepod, Switzerland
Swiss Alps Eco-luxury 

Sleep in a slow capped pod. Cozy us in its soft blankets in the heat of its pellet stove. Enjoy the breathtaking view.

Arctic TreeHouse, Finland Northern Lights

Cuddle up and sink in the breathtaking views of the northern skies throw your panoramic windows. 

Levin Iglut, Finland
Unforgettable moments in Lapland’s nature

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