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Travelling by train is one of those iconic and bucket-list experiences. You will truly be spoiled for choice: from the Swiss Alps to the Rocky mountains, from the Asia jungle to the African Savanna...

Train Spotting: Demystifying 3 common myths about train travel

Trains are slow, expensive and eco-friendly. Are they?

From tagskryt (boasting about traveling by train) to catching a flight because it is faster and cheaper than taking the train, railways have been in the centre of the green mobility polemic.

We have heard far too ofter these arguments. So, let's see if they are really true.

3 common myths about train travel and if they are really justified. read on...


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For all the train aficionados we have put together several train guides to help you choice from the best on-board service and most breath-taking sceneries to the most epic and filled with history train trips, all of this while making a positive difference for the environment

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Travelling by train in Switzerland is a iconic, bucket-list experiences.

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