Australia’s overall Positive Oceans Index score is 7.8, ranking it in 1st place out of 30 countries

Australia has one of the longest coastlines and largest marine estates (areas) of all assessed countries. 70% of its population lives along the coast with a well developed coastal infrastructure. In fact, nearly 65% of the country’s inhabitants live in 5 coastal cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. The rest of its coast is mostly characterised by large stretches of wilderness and beaches.

At A Glance


Total Marine Estate


Marine Protected Areas


Sustainable Marine Parks


Coastal Tourism Density


Recreational Marine

Estate Pressure



diversity of marine species and habitat from recreational perspective



Coastal Tourism Density (number of visitors per coastal kilometre) coastal industries, cruises, waste, water, sanitation.



Recreational Marine Estate Pressure (number of people claiming the marine state by square kilometre) Leisure activities, water sports, etc



Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), fishing impact and conservation legislation

overall score


location ranking



New Zealand






within region







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New Zealand

New Zealand ranks 2nd out of 30 countries with an overall score of 7.6


Canada ranks 3st out of 30 countries with an overall score of 7.2


Mexico ranks 6st out of 30 countries with an overall score of 6.7

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