closing the responsible travel gap

Travel is a force for good!

Imaging the impact, if we all work towards a common goal. Closing the responsible travel gap!

+Impact Travel provides a common understanding and platform to achieve this.  We create a shared space for travelers, +guestsand verified travel companies,+hosts, to meet. 

In addition, we cultivate a community of responsible travel stakeholders. For instance, travelers, travel companies and travel destinations.

So join the community now!

4 key elements

travel companies guidelines

travel companies & travelers

First of all, we define simple and easy to use +principles. They are shared by travel companies and travelers.

membership for travel companies

travel companies

Travel companies become +impact Travel +hosts and apply the +principles. Subsequently, they receive a label.  So they get to share their positive actions. And each year we award certificates of excellence.

rating element


This helps +guest to take informed decisions on travel destinations. So they get to share their experiences  and rate the +hosts they visited.

tip and trends

travel places

Plus, +hosts and +gusts receive tips and trends on responsible and sustainable travel.


sustainable credentials
benefits for guests