Secret Place

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka


A tailor made wellness retreat

A gorgeous surf & yoga vegan retreat in a colonial-style bungalow. Spend 6 to 12 days learning to connect with yourself, the people around you and your environment. Catch a breath, calm your thoughts, release and let go. Connect to the infinite pure energy of nature and take it in. Rest. Relax. Discover the overwhelming feeling of joy that builds inside you every time, you switch off and reconnect with the source.

+host positive actions


1. wildlife, biodiversity & natural habitat

2. water & energy

3. climate

4. community, heritage & culture

5. jobs & education

6. decent work

7. inclusivity & opportunities

8. community, heritage & culture

9. investment

10. resilience

11. ethics

12. local sourcing

+host positive actions


1. wildlife, biodiversity & natural habitat;

2. water & energy;

3. climate;

4. waste.


5. jobs & education;

6. decent work;

7. inclusivity & opportunities;

8. community, heritage & culture.


9. investment;

10. resilience;

11. ethics;

12. local sourcing.

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