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Dear Prospective Member,  
Welcome to the +impactTravel membership application form. It should not take you more that 10-15 minutes to complete.
If you are active in the travel, hospitality and visitor services sectors and are willing to demonstrate you sustainable and responsible travel credentials you are in the right place.
Please note that if you are involved in one of the following you are not eligible for membership:
  • Ethical, human rights and environmental issues;
  • Employing individuals and working with organisations (business partners, suppliers, consultants, sub-contractors, etc) that have ethical, human rights and environmental issues;
  • Arms, drugs, sex dealings and child/slave labour as well as any other illicit activities;
  • Land degradation, deforestation, wildlife extinction and cultural heritage destruction.
We will grant your membership on the basic of the following application and the verification we will undertake within 3 working days from receiving your application and membership fee. 
We are looking forward to welcoming you to the +impactTravel community!
The +impactTravel Team

Membership, including label, prices are based on the number of employees of the establishment. They will have to select one of the following options.

Note: number of employees is calculated on the bases of average annual staff (Full Time Equivalents – FTEs), including part time and temporary staff.

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