Principe di Salina

Malfa, Italy

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a Sicilian oasis

Welcome to the Boutique Hotel Principe di Salina****, the jewel of Salina Island, in the heart of the Aeolian Islands. The breathtaking views of Stromboli, Panarea and the limitless Aeolian Sea set the tone for your stay — an oasis of refinement in a rugged natural setting.

“A holiday far from ordinary, will bring you closer to the ones you love.”

Principe di Salina is a place out of the ordinary: It is not only welcoming but a place where the food cooked by Silvana is done so with love, the juices are natural, and where you can relax in comfortable lounges and sofas contemplating the turquoise sea.

Anita Motta, your +host



1. fair pay & decent working conditions
2. jobs, education & equal opportunities
3. human right
4. community, heritage & culture

5. wildlife, biodiversity & natural habitat
6. natural resources: water & energy
8. waste

9. investment
10. resilience
11. ethics
12. local sourcing

100% local

All Principle di Salina employees are from the island Salina of Sicily.. “We believe in equal opportunities respectively of age, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation.” says Anita. 

They invest in their people and train them, offering 1-3 specialist courses during the winter season. This is reflect in the excellent quality of their service.

positive travel impact
positive travel impact
positive travel impact

0-km & 0-pastic

The establishment promotes and uses  local sustainable fish and food products only. This ensure a minimal impact on the local eco-system as well as a reduced carbon footprint.

Principle is committed to avoid single use plastic. And this is reflected in their food and drinks police and their bathroom products. “We inform the clients about our KM-0 food, and the importance of saving water and reduce plastic.”

island life

Principle di Salina supports and boosts many local activities such as local sagra. They collaborate closely with the major to steer calendar of activities and new projects on the topic. The establishment believes in 0-KM for any sourced product, despite the price point. From the workers and builders to the ingredients for their kitchen.


eco-luxury travel
* culinary travel

Eco-luxury in its pure state

positive travel impact
positive travel impact
positive travel impact

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