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If you are looking for an authentic, boutique, affordable or luxury travel experience with a positive impact on the environment  and the communities you visit, you are in the right place.

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You are a traveler
You love to explore the world and you want to have a positive travel impact. You are mindful of the environment and the communities you visit. You are in the right spot! Join us to get informed on selected and verified places, +hosts. 

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Are you a hotel or an accommodation? A restaurant? A transport company? An activity or a sight? Now you can share your sustainable actions with travelers:
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travelled for 
leisure in 2017

They accounted for 67% of all trips. And spent USD 2.3 trillion.


travelers say lack of information and credible certification poses a significant obstacle to sustainable travel

Travel can be a force for good.
Imagine the positive impact if all of us work towards a common goal. Closing the responsible travel gap!
+Impact Travel provides a common understanding and platform for everyone to achieve this.  Travel companies, travelers and travel destinations!

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People related principles

1. fair pay & decent working conditions;
2. jobs, education & equal opportunities;
3. human right;
4. community, heritage & culture.

Planet related principles

5. wildlife, biodiversity & natural habitat;
6. natural resources: water & energy;
7. climate;
8. waste.

Potential related principles

9. investment;
10. resilience;
11. ethics;
12. local sourcing.